I have over 15 years of academic teaching experience at all levels. This includes development and delivery of lectures, practical classes, field-based courses, and assessment tasks.

Subject areas where I am proficient include evolution, palaeoecology, palaeobiology, natural hazards, and any course that explores the biological realm from a deep time perspective.

My teaching and learning philosophy is to undertake high quality teaching within a research-infused learning framework that is oriented towards practical real-world problems and relevance to future professional practice. As such, the pedagogical basis for my teaching has roots in constructivism and the broadly defined area of problem-based learning. My goal is for students to learn and be assessed in ways that come as close as possible to mirroring real-world activities in professional practice that graduates will encounter in their careers. I achieve this goal through open-ended, discovery-based activities.

For a list of academic courses I have taught [CLICK HERE]